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What Would Scott Do?

One week ago I heard the tragic news about the untimely death of Scott Dinsmore – one of life’s shining stars – a man who lived more in his 32 years than most do in their entire lifetime. He had been embarking on a world tour with his darling wife Chelsea and was killed by falling rocks in a freak accident, whilst pursuing a long-held dream, to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.

He dreamt big and achieved many of his big dreams in his big life. He kart-wheeled (and did handstands) from one adventurous pursuit to the next, but it wasn’t all about living his dream for himself. He was helping hundreds of thousands of others to live theirs too.

Through his TED talk watched by millions on how to find work you love, his Live Your Legend web community and through his interactions with many other movers and shakers, he helped make a genuinely positive difference to many peoples' lives – empowering others to focus on doing what they love and loving what they do.

He lived with passion. He took action.

He listened intently with such interest and warmth and made everyone he spoke to (and even those he never met) feel worthwhile.

He was on a journey where he collected lessons, embraced the process and made sh1t happen.

He impacted so many lives because he walked his talk, he lived his legend.

He got out there and tested what was possible.

He did something that matters - he empowered a whole tribe of people across the globe and, as the outpouring of love and respect, sorrow and tributes continue, in death he continues to do so.

For those people whose lives he touched - he always will.

I had the privilege of meeting Scott and Chelsea at the inaugural Camp GLP in September 2014. We were walking back from the insanely fun ‘Colour wars’ activity and I had no idea who he was or that he was about to give a keynote alongside Jadah Sellner and Jonathan Fields that evening. I just remember his warmth, and how he was asking questions – genuinely interested in why I was there, where I was from, what I was doing with my life. I answered and he responded, encouraging and congratulating me – his smile beaming. He told me he had been to the UK to study and wanted to know where I was from and what it was like there. His amazing wife Chelsea was equally warm, kind and encouraging. They were made for each other and I’m thankful that they got to spend the time they did together, to embark on adventures together, for many never find same-wavelength love like that. I just wish he hadn’t gone so soon and my heart aches for Chelsea’s heart ache. All I can do is send love.

This week Facebook flagged up a memory I shared with them both as it showed me this photo I took of the two superheroes at camp one year ago, wearing their team captain capes with pride. And I cried for a life cut short too soon. But a while later I thought, what would Scott do? He would take a deep breath and make something good out of something bad, somehow… and so I pledged there and then to share Scott’s message whenever I can.

I too have found it incredibly tough to compute what has happened to Scott. The pain his loved ones must be feeling is unbearable and the empathy I feel is deep, despite only meeting Scott and Chelsea a year ago and spending only a short time with them. I just keep thinking "WWSD" and felt compelled to share (see below) to try to bring some light into the dark somehow. If more people in the world were like Scott or did things his way it sure would be a better place. His message and legend will live on in all of the lives that he touched which I hope will be some comfort to his dear family.

He taught us how to live our lives to the full; how to make the most of them and how to shine; how to enjoy each moment and strive to make those moments count. All lives are worthwhile. But his life meant something significant because of this.

“If you do something that matters to you, it’s going to matter to the people around you. And that becomes contagious and that creates a ripple effect,” Scott Dinsmore

So I urge you to consider: what would Scott do?

Each time you feel uncertain about the best way to proceed.

Each time you feel too shy to ask the person next to you a question, despite being interested in what their answers might be.

Each time you feel like you want to make a change but feel fearful.

Each time you get an opportunity to try something new, to learn from a mistake, to take a risk.

Each time you have a chance to help someone with your own strengths and talents.

Each time you have a chance to do something that lights you up but still feel anxious about doing it.

Each time that uncertainty gives you the gift of possibility and you have the opportunity to be significant.

Ask yourself, what would Scott do? And, all the while, strive for warmth and maximum impact.

Take action and live with passion.

Be kind. Be courageous and be an ENCOURAGER.

In doing so, not only will you be honouring the life of an amazing human being – the one and only Scott Dinsmore. You'll be doing yourself a great favour in pledging to make the most of your one and only life and will become another shining example of a living legend which will inspire and impact others… and so the ripple of making the most of our lives will continue on.

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