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We Destroy Trees To Deliver Bad News

Stop Reading Newspapers and Get Inspired Instead

If you are what you think, then it's worth spending your time watching and reading thought-provoking stuff to inspire and uplift and motivate you, rather than waste time reading bad news. I often recommend that people stop watching the news and avoid using their lunch hour to visit sensationalist news sites like The Daily Fail or celebrity mags with all their miserable news and trivia and instead read worthwhile uplifting useful blogs and happy news stories, watch inspirational TED talks and learn something over lunchtime. Why not inject some feel good factor into your day? Here's some recommendations for starters:

Also, whilst on the topic of destroying trees to distribute good news: here's Jay Shetty:

In other news (of the positive variety) I'm thrilled to have been invited by the editor of the wonderful Psychologies Magazine to be one of 12 'leaders' on their shiny new blogging platform, Life Labs. I'm honoured to be among some of the world's most renowned experts, including Richard Wiseman, author of The Luck Factor and Dr Ionna Boniwell, all-round positive psychology guru. Below are links to my first bunch of blog posts, including a link to download my free and flourishy goal-based to-do list template.

I hope you enjoy these blog posts and find them useful.Please do share the link to this web page if you do and would like to help me on my mission (to help make the world a little less frowny and a lot more appreciative, positive and resilient). Thank you.

Wishing you a positive, prosperous and incredibly awesome rest-of-the-year.

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