What an extraordinarily wonderful way to start the oh-so-very-flourishy year of 2014! I spent the 1st day of the year in the sparkly sunshiny Atlantic Ocean, which isn't a bad start, but, since focusing on intentional purposeful action, visualising hard and devoting a lot of time to practising gratitude, I have found myself with even more to be grateful about. In fact, I can hardly believe what's happened since and is still yet to come. January baby yeah!

Auld Lang Syne was still echoing in my ears when the first bit of good stuff occurred...

  1. Psychologies magazine - the completely brilliant magazine to which I subscribe (The magazine for life curious women which focuses more on life and living than beauty and fashion) - includes a whopping 8-page-spread extract from The Flourish Handbook. Plus a mention in the lovely Editors' letter. (Did I mention how lovely the editor Suzy Greaves is?) Thanks Psychologies.
  2. Psychologies invited me to do a webinar on How To Flourish. This shall be taking place on Tuesday 28th January 2014 at 8pm GMT. Visit http://www.psychologies.co.uk/events/webinar-flourish-2014.html to join the webinar.
  3. I posted my third blog post onto Huffington Post Lifestyle UK (Third Metric) section, entitled: Forget Happiness! Flourishing is the New (More Sustainable) Happy. Been meaning to write this one for ages so planned it in for my first week back at work. Click here to have a read.
  4. The sold out Flourish Weekender takes place at the end of this month (25th-26th January) at a beachfront hotel in Bournemouth when 42 of us shall embark on a relaxing and empowering getaway, complete with spa treatments, good food, great company and the chance to learn how to put the pillars of well-being into practice during our mini-Flourish and Nourish workshop.
  5. Half way through January and I received this wonderful e-mail from a reader of The Flourish Handbook. It made my day! Thank you Rachel:

"I had read about flourishing, and The Flourish Handbook, in Psychologies magazine, and it definitely struck a chord. When I suffered, apparently out of nowhere, an anxiety attack over Christmas, I bought the book - and instantly felt comforted. The chapter on sourcing engagement and enjoyment, positive thinking and stopping spirals of negativity could have been written for me. My job, though stressful, is actually with a charity I feel extremely passionate about - in the stress I had almost forgotten that, and how lucky I am to already have passion and purpose in my working life. I have remembered that now, and also remembered to adjust my thinking - to be positive and grateful, rather than ranting and bitter. I have made time for reading, baths and yoga. I have walked my beautiful dog in a mindful way, whether through glorious winter sunshine or driving rain. It has only been a couple of weeks of course, and there have been bad moments in those two weeks as well - but honestly, just re-reading your words in those moments has reminded me that I already have the tools to tackle them - and always have had. I know this will be a long-term shift in my life and I wanted to say a big big thank you for that, Rachel x"

So. All in all a pretty flippin' breathtaking and flourishing start to the year. A joyful January indeed - a Joynuary, if you will :-)

Let's do this. Let's flourish. Spread the word and join the fun.

With gratitude!

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