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It's That Shiny New Pencil Case Septemberry Time Of Year!

I proper LOVE September! It's the month of fresh unsullied notebooks and shiny new pencil cases which, regardless of age, gives many people a renewed sense of possibility, of fresh starts and verve.

It's late summer (but still summer nonetheless) so the skies are frequently still blue, while the leaf-crunching welly-boot wearing buzz of Autumn is just round the corner. The kids are going back to school, self-employed mums are going back to work during the day (rather than cramming all their work into the evenings or during the occasional summer camp day). 

Essentially it's NEW YOU time! Yippeee! I certainly feel more buoyant about making changes and getting stuck in during September than I do in the post-Christmas fog that is January, and I'm not alone.

September is the NEW New Year dahhling! As such, it is the perfect time for certain activities. Here's some suggestions to stick on your September to-do list (inside your lush new notebook).

Super Stuff To Do in September

  1. Buy some new stationery. It's law (kind of). Possibly this is more of a girl thing but the urge to get some fresh notebooks and lovely liquid-tip pens is quite significant. So treat yourself. You deserve it having survived the summer holidays, right? You could have one notebook for life, one for work, one for each project... notebooks seem to become more necessary at this time of year. My other half types words and stores data in apps. Conversely I scribble notes in a notebook which I am certain is supremely more satisfying.
  2. Start a new routine. This might involve going on a gratitude walk or practising mindfulness for at least 15 minutes every day (or every other day). Whether it's drinking more water, exercising more often or going to bed earlier, it's easier to make changes this month because of your 'new term' mindset. So make the most of it.
  3. Learn something new. Be it bread-making, website-building or salsa-dancing, September is the month to sign yourself up to an evening class or online training course.
  4. (Blatant self-promotion) Treat yourself to The Flourish Handbook and change your life for the better, maybe just a little bit or maybe rather a lot, but this handbook will help you to flourish, not just for this term but for the rest of your life. From decluttering and finding your forte to bolstering your resilience, mindfulness, gratitude and positivity; from making your relationships flourish to enjoying and appreciating your life more, the handbook is packed with worksheets, tips, to-do lists and planners to help you make the necessary changes easily. Click to “look inside” here. You can buy the paperback here or buy the Kindle version here.
  5. Join The Flourishers Facebook group. It's free and encouraging and full of lots of lovely people who will put a smile on your face throughout this shiny zesty new month.

Happy September, Happy NEW New Year :-)

Buy the paperback
Buy the Kindle version

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