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The Flourish Weekender 2017

The Flourish Weekender 2017

The Flourish Weekender 2016 was a great success with everyone returning home feeling refreshed, relaxed and raring to go. “This is my third year and, for me, it’s got better and better every year. Everything is perfect. Thank you so much!” said SHARON MCHALE The Flourish Weekender 2017 is set to be even better with longer [...]

Colouring Therapy: Introducing The Flourish COLOURING Book

Colouring-in has become a preferred winding-down, mellowing-out, de-stressing activity. Colouring-in is therapeutic and relaxing, but it also stimulates that innate creativity within us which adulthood, jam-packed schedules and responsibilities can tend to squish. It gives you space to unwind and can alleviate anxiety. Just as adult colouring has grown in popularity in recent years, so [...]

What Would Scott Do?

One week ago I heard the tragic news about the untimely death of Scott Dinsmore – one of life’s shining stars – a man who lived more in his 32 years than most do in their entire lifetime. He had been embarking on a world tour with his darling wife Chelsea and was killed by [...]

Let It Go: Why Forgiving Others & Yourself = FREEDOM

Let It Go: Why Forgiving Others & Yourself = FREEDOM

Other peoples’ words and actions can get under your skin and niggle your brain. This can turn what might otherwise have been a jolly lovely day into a frankly shocking one. Bad vibes bubble away. Our built-in negativity bias stirs that cauldron of calamity so that a few annoying, critical or downright mean words can [...]

The Flourish Weekender 2015 – Maximum Yayness!

The Flourish Weekender 2015 – Maximum Yayness!

As well as my book writing work, I also take a bunch of 40 women on an annual Flourish Seaside Weekender each year. We go at the end of January, when we’re all feeling a bit miffed about where that month of good intentions has gone and feeling a bit’s February?!?! It’s empowering to [...]

Your FREE 2015 Flourishing Action Plan

OK. It’s the biggy… a free month-by-month guide to flourishing, topped up with monthly tips, tools and insight via the Flourish Tonic. Because this is our one and only life. So… according to a European Social Survey only 17% of the world’s population are flourishing as opposed to languishing or being moderately mentally healthy. Eek! [...]

Feel The Funk And Flourish Anyway

Sometimes life can be a right beeatchhh. And it is thus in varying degrees of spitefulness. Some days, we arise with good intentions to achieve a lot, or to be kinder and everything just goes wrong. Life doesn’t always smile on us. Every traffic light is red when we’re in a hurry, our computer crashes [...]

Camp GLP – The Amazing Technicolour Dream Camp

Camp GLP – The Amazing Technicolour Dream Camp

Apart from “where did you travel from to get here?” The other primary question that strangers asked each other on arrival at Camp GLP (Good Life Project) was “WHY are you here? What brought you to campGLP?” I had a serendipitous reply. For, as I was about to turn 40, I had been sat pondering [...]

Take The 30 Day Flourish Challenge

We all know that THIS really is it. YOLO and all that. Who doesn’t want to make the most of every moment? It’s just that, sometimes, life just gets in the way. We feel anxious about money, get frustrated about the late train or expensive car service, then there’s the disappointment about a missed opportunity, [...]

June? Already? How To Slow Down Time

Ok, so I don’t really have a magic formula to slow down time and make this year/life in general go slower and I wish I chuffing-well did. My daughter is six in a few weeks. 6!!! And yet she was only born the other day! (Yes,  I do know that practising mindfulness helps to focus [...]


Day 9 #Quest2016 #WhomDoYouServe How will you better clarify whom you serve and what you do for them in 2016? At first, I thought this was easy, because I’m very clear now about who I serve and what I intend to do for them – via ClimbingTreesKids and my forthcoming childrens’ books – I serve [...]