• Tools for flourishing

    WELL-BEING is an important topic right now.

    But what ACTUAL PRACTICAL ACTIONS can you take to fret less and flourish more?

    Read on to find out ....

    Learn how to boost your level of well-being month-by-month, step-by-step over the course of one year. Covering the core pillars of well-being from the PERMA-V model: Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement and Vitality - this book equips you with tools to make the most of your life and flourish.

    Our FREE 30 Day Challenge gives you a 60-page workbook and daily e-mails containing quick daily actions. By the end of the challenge you'll have taken steps to maximise your positivity, minimise your negativity, get energised, pursue your purpose, improve relationships, achieve your goals and grow!

    As author/ghostwriter of 19 books, certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Well-being Ambassador, this is my space to observe and ruminate. I write about how to be less hard on yourself and more self-compassionate; how to shift your mindset and find your forte and how to worry less so you may flourish rather than languish.

  • The 30 Day Flourish Challenge

    IT'S VALUABLE BUT IT'S FREE! Why? Because we can enable more people to flourish that way.


    Every day for 30 days (across 7 steps) you will receive an email reminder of a pick n mix of achievable quick-and-easy practical tasks to choose from.


    Every action is listed in the comprehensive 60 page 30 Day Flourish Challenge Workbook, which you'll receive on subscription. This can be filled in on screen or printed out and written in.


    "There is no secret to happiness, only sustainable action," JONATHAN FIELDS, GOOD LIFE PROJECT

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    Two handy guides revealing how to flourish step-by-step, month-by-month

    The Flourish Handbook

    How To Achieve Happiness With Staying Power

    The problem with any 'self-help' book is, it can be difficult to move from the written word to the DOING bit. One day, I thought to myself, “If only there was a book which literally equipped people with the tools they needed to boost their well-being, enjoy their life more, cope with adversity, get more done and reach their potential; a book packed with monthly tasks, to-do lists, a 100 flourishing activities checklist and an ULTIMATE FLOURISHING WEEKLY PLANNER into which stuff can be scheduled to enable flourishing on a daily basis, starting today!”


    But there wasn't. So I wrote it. You can get your hands on a paperback version here or grab a Kindle version here.


    The Flourish Handbook is a compelling and easy-to-digest practical guide - a friendly handbook on how to flourish. Drawing on extensive research and my own methods of coping with adversity and tragedy, achieving dreams, and enjoying life, this is a workbook about much more than merely achieving happiness.


    Learn how to:

    • Become more resilient.
    • Fit more engaging and enjoyable activities into your daily life.
    • Find your true purpose and play to your strengths.
    • Improve your relationships.
    • Achieve balance between life and work.
    • Develop and sustain gratitude.
    • Respond positively to others and events.
    • Declutter and enhance your environment and mind power.
    • Enjoy life more.

    Flourishing is about more than simply feeling good; it's about pursuing and experiencing a better life; it's about building and optimising well-being. Once you know which elements make up well-being and focus on those areas, rather than focusing merely on happiness alone, you can live a rich, enjoyable and meaningful life with a high level of sustained well-being. This handbook guides you through that process and takes you on an illuminating and rewarding journey where you will boost your well-being and appreciate your life more month by month over the course of one year.

    Buy the paperback version here

    Buy the Kindle version here.

    See my excitement at receiving my first copy through the letterbox here.


    "I had read about flourishing, and The Flourish Handbook, in Psychologies magazine, and it definitely struck a chord. When I suffered, apparently out of nowhere, an anxiety attack over Christmas, I bought the book - and instantly felt comforted. The chapter on sourcing engagement and enjoyment, positive thinking and stopping spirals of negativity could have been written for me. Reading your words in the bad moments has reminded me that I already have the tools to tackle them - and always have had. I know this will be a long-term shift in my life and I wanted to say a big big thank you for that," Rachel x


    The Flourish Colouring Book

    Art Therapy Mindfulness

    Colouring-in gives you space to unwind and can alleviate anxiety.


    Colouring is a useful tool in the mindfulness toolkit as it allows us to focus on the task at hand – shading one area and then the next – giving us the chance to take a therapeutic and meditative art break. Because, when you colour in, the creative part of the brain is activated, whilst the information-processing part reboots.


    Notably, the number of colouring books made specifically for grown-ups has grown exponentially in the past 12 months, with many of the best-selling books on Amazon fitting into the adult colouring category.


    Here at Flourish, we wanted to give you something extra; we wanted to provide a tool that, along with pages of beautiful illustrations to colour-in, provides helpful actions and easy strategies to enable you to flourish. And so, THE FLOURISH COLOURING BOOK was born.And it's available to buy now from Amazon.


    Combined with inspirational quotes and encouraging affirmations, THE FLOURISH COLOURING BOOKis the ultimate colouring therapy book, because it features pages of actional tips on how to flourish from one month to the next (alongside the patterns, quotes and affirmations to colour-in).


    Of course, colouring is not a cure for depression, but it is a therapeutic tool. Importantly creating art; actually making something yourself is even more powerful if you want to use art as 'therapy'. But, when it comes to colouring as therapy - colouring books really do seem to work wonders on enabling relaxation and providing a space to unplug and reboot; to unlock and enable your creativity to flow and relieve tension in the process.


    Ultimately, by focusing on colouring-in we are directing attention away from negative emotions and worries and onto a creative and engaging activity. As engagement is a critical pillar of well-being, it's no surprise that colouring books are so popular.


    Happy colouring x

    Buy The Flourish Colouring Book from Amazon UK

    Buy The Flourish Colouring Book from Amazon US

  • MY STORY: Who Am I To Show You How To Flourish?

    As a positive psychology practitioner, wellbeing author/ghostwriter and Ambassador of Wellbeing for the Network of Wellbeing, I provide people with evidence-based tools for self care, to help people flourish (so that they may worry/judge less, appreciate more and bounce back better).


    I recently became the first person in the UK to qualify in CAPP (Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology) and my goal now is to equip young people with the tools and positive psychology interventions (PPIs) they need to cope with the increasing stress levels and anxiety of modern day life; to not just survive, but thrive. Because positive psychology is not just about repairing what's broken/mental illness, it's about building on what is good to generate mental wellness.


    Positive psychology is the scientific study of optimal human functioning. It aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive.


    I run Flourish workshops, write books on well-being and have made it my life's work over the past seven years to study delight and despair, so I can help people learn to fret less and flourish more, just as I have.


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